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APRIL 2015


On April 9th 1958, our founder Mr. Darius Morgan Sr. converted his dream into reality, a dream called CRILLON TOURS. It was not easy to be a pioneer, since he had to pave the road where now everyone can move easily. There were so many things to do and as the legendary song says: He planned each chartered course; he did what he had to do; he faced it all and he stood tall; he found it all so amusing when he thinks HE DID IT HIS WAY!
We are happy and proud because we count with the international support and confidence of our friends and colleagues all around the world. We have created unique conditions to make visitors have an unforgettable trip. Sometimes we had to face unexpected problems, but we had the capacity to resolve them and guests have returned home happy to have met a gorgeous country and have received affection and a quality service from CRILLON TOURS.
We are also happy because the 3 generations of the tireless Morgan family; Darius Sr, Darius Jr, Margot and now Sebastian, together with the fantastic CRILLON TOURS TEAM, wish to share with you the celebration of our 57 Anniversary, pleas raise with us a glass of champagne to toast to all of us !SALUD & HAPPINESS FOR EVERYBODY!




In March 2015, the Bolivian Government started the construction of the double lane RIO SECO IN EL ALTO- TO HUARINA freeway and in September they will begin the construction of the double lane HUARINA-HUATAJATA-TIQUINA route. President EVO Morales announced that this route will boost tourism, ensuring the safety on the road and allowing vehicles to travel with a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour. With the modernization of this important road to Lake Titicaca, is also expected to raise the living conditions of communities and low-income groups of people settling along the road, generating economic production and services in this gorgeous tourist circuit that extends from El Alto to the Sanctuary of Copacabana.




The ancient site of TIWANAKU, located 71 kilometers of La Paz, is still revealing secrets after thousands of years of its peak as capital of an Empire and home to one of the most important civilizations prior to the Inca. Important excavations around the discovered underground pyramid will soon start. TIWANAKU was the capital of an empire covering 600.000 sq. km. It was one of the most important cities of ancient America. Andean legends claim the area around LAKE TITICACA as the cradle of the first humans on Earth. According to the myths, Lord Viracocha, the creator of all things, chose Tiahuanaco as the place of creation. It is unknown how old these ruins are, but some researchers suggest that they date to 14,000 years B.C, leaving a legacy of art, social organization and culture.




Bolivian Airlines (BOA) has introduced one of their 12 Boeings, a 737-700 aircraft that joined the BOA fleet, as part of the new generation of airplanes. The aircraft fulfill all the requirements and certifications for international and domestic travel; BOA will receive in May the second Boeing 737-700, to support the route Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo and create more international routes.




The Feast of “EL GRAN PODER” is a traditional religious event held in the city of La Paz dating back to 1663. This festival attracts thousands of people every year and the next Gran Poder Feast 2015 will be on May 30th. “EL GRAN PODER” is nowadays –besides a religious Feast- a demonstration of economic power of the emergent social classes of La Paz. This year over 100 dancers group will participate in the parade with beautiful clothes with jewels and shining colors.




Last April 4th, we could enjoy from our “ALAJPACHA” NATIVE OBSERVATORY -AT THE INCA UTAMA HOTEL-, A TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE Known as the THIRD FIRE MOON. The total Lunar Eclipse is one of the most rare and beautiful phenomena to admire from Earth. The FOURTH AND LAST FIRE MOON of the century will be seen also from our ALAJPACHA native Observatory on SEPTEMBER 28th 2015. The 4 Fire Moons are already mentioned in the Bible. !!!DON’T MISS THIS FANTASTIC COSMIC




The International Tourism Fair –FIT- (March 9 to 14) was held in the mega & modern “Campo Chuquiago Marka”, built on 40,000 square meters for up to 900 exhibitors and 26,000 daily visitors & a giant auditorium with capacity for 800 people. In this context, the organizers of the 2015 FIT have specially invited Mr. Darius Morgan Sr. to give a presentation on "Tactics and Strategy for Developing a Successful Tourism". In his well-known style, Mr. Morgan ran all the tourist problem of Bolivia for an hour and a half, giving key points to improve the activity of the entire sector; The motivations and needs of the markets; Public policies in support of Tourism: The profile of a Tour Operator: Immediate Needs; The different types of promotion: Quality of Service; Professional ethics; Organized Tourism - Tourism Development Base- were some of the most applauded topics of his speech.